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The right mix of tea and coffee can help you live longer

We love both tea and coffee at Degono HQ so it is great news that the right daily combination of both could help us live almost 25% longer.

While we know that too much of a good thing is bad for you, we have never known how much is too much. Fortunately, scientists have not just narrowed it down, they have put a precise figure on the perfect combination that can help us live longer.


Research published in the BMC Medicine journal found that people who drink two to four cups of tea and less than one to two cups of coffee on a daily basis reduce their mortality risk by 22% compared to those who do not drink tea or coffee.

And they have not just left it there. They looked into why this difference exists and found that the ‘overlapping biological compounds of the two drinks can lower things like blood pressure and inflammation, reducing the development of some serious diseases’.

They also found that drinking a combination of green tea and coffee reduces the risk of death with those who have type-two diabetes.

Scientists who made the discovery analysed data from nearly 500,000 people in the UK aged between 37 and 73. Those taking part were asked how much tea and coffee they drank on a daily basis, as well as alcohol consumption, exercise and diet.

As well as the overall decline in risk of mortality among tea and coffee drinkers, they also found the mortality risk from cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive diseases showed a similar decrease.


Researchers also looked at real-world situations because not everyone likes both tea and coffee. They examined the links between the risk of mortality in those drank only tea and only coffee and the figures were remarkably similar – those with the lowest mortality risk drank either three cups of tea or one cup of coffee a day.

What we love about this is that previous studies talked about possible general links between drinking tea and coffee and health benefits, such as reducing the risk of dementia, stroke and heart disease. In this case, researchers have put on the kettle and found out the precise combination that reduces the risk the most – and it is great news for those of us who enjoy tea and coffee equally.


It also serves as a reminder to be aware of what we are drinking and how much of it we guzzle. And with the new year and the prospect of resolutions coming up, it is a chance to make a change to the amount of tea and coffee we drink to hit the perfect combination.

As new year’s resolutions go, it might not be as easy as it sounds, especially if it means cutting back on the amount of coffee we drink which, if we’re honest, is sometimes the only thing that gets us going in the morning!

But for those – possibly like us – who won’t be able to keep such a resolution, don’t worry! The researchers are keen to stress that their findings do not show that drinking excess coffee is inversely associated with mortality and further studies are needed to confirm their findings and ‘clarify the potential mechanism by which combined coffee and tea consumption are associated with mortality’.

So put the kettle on, enjoy tea and coffee and live longer!

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