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Degono The No Mess Press Cafetiere

It's unique coffee and tea press has a revolutionary GROUNDSAWAY TWO filter system.


When the coffee or tea is brewed you push the filter down just like any other press - BUT the Degono squeezes and locks the grounds in between TWO filters so they can be removed dry, leaving Degono clean and ready for your next brew.


The Degono story began in November 2013 in Yorkshire, where Tim Craven came up with the idea of creating an easy clean cafetiere/ French press.
The following year our product became a reality Degono® reinvented tea and coffee brewing with our innovative 6 cup cafetiere, developed for everyone to use. The Degono tea and coffee press uses the same brewing system as the French coffee press, giving tea and coffee lovers full control over the process for the prefect brew. Whilst catching the grounds, and loose leaf tea in between two filters, with our patented groundsaway system. It has taken us six years to finally bring our product to where we are today.

Tim & Sandra-036.jpg

Tim Craven - the man behind the Degono!

As I designed and developed the Degono I quickly realised that my drive for quality and design was pushing me to create a truly unique tea and coffee press and my passion just keeps getting stronger so the future is bringing my dreams to the marketplace to share with everyone


The passion of creating a supreme quality and uniquely crafted tea and coffee press has made this journey a total pleasure but not without its challenges. I very much look forward to what the future has to bring

Co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director of Degono -Sandra Craven 

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Our mission is pure and simple. We aim to bring high quality coffee and tea solutions, In line with your values. We innovate to create great designs at affordable prices based on our guiding principle that form follows functionality, while keeping an eye on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and respect for the wellbeing of our staff, our communities, and our planet.

Development one

When we set out to design the Degono we knew we had to make it from scratch and because we wanted it to be manufactured within the UK. We had to then go about sourcing and designing and then implementing the manufacturing process. This again has been a very hard but incredibly rewarding  experience and we are very proud that the Degono is manufactured within the UK


Taking responsibility for the environment and following sustainable business practices are a vital part of

Degono’s®’s ethics.

Degono®  has set out environmental objective of reducing CO2 emissions. To achieve this goal, we’ve turned to the most innovative green technologies available. Production sustainability, environmental responsibility, and concern for the wellbeing, safety and working conditions of our manufacturer .

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