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Celebrate World Coffee Day by winning a Degono!

Today is World Coffee Day and we have lots to celebrate!

As well as enjoying the day with our favourite cappuccino, latte or espresso, Degono is seven years old and has been given a new design which will make it even better.

And to mark the occasion, we have three of the new-style Degonos to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is leave a review on Google to say what you love about the Degono The winners will be chosen at random.

The other big news we have is that we have teamed up with Collaboration Coffee – and we will be launching our own labelled coffee, too!

It’s incredible to think we’ve come this far. Degono was conceived by Tim Craven to solve the problem of coffee grounds and tea leaves escaping from cafetiere plungers and spoiling the drink.

Tim came up with the idea of a double filter which would keep grounds and tea leaves sealed and today our patented Groundsaway system means you can make delicious tea and coffee with no mess and no fuss.

And it’s better for the environment as well as the waste can go straight on to the compost heap or even on to the flower beds.

But Tim didn’t just want to come up with an idea – he wanted to perfect it and his determination and drive for perfection has seen Degono used in homes, restaurants and coffee shops around the world.

Tim said: “As I designed and developed the Degono, I quickly realised that my drive for quality and design was pushing me to create a truly unique tea and coffee press and my passion just keeps getting stronger.

“It has taken six years to get it to this point and the new design has made it even better.

“Please join us in raising a cup of freshly brewed coffee as we celebrate World Coffee Day and the new-style Degono.”

For the latest Degono news and offers, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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