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Great Reviews!!

Well what a great start to a beautiful week! When you get reviews like these from one of your wholesale customers, you know you're doing something right! The Grommet are a great company to do business with🙏Have a great week folks! And keep safe from Team Degono

Super easy to clean, as advertised

3/17/21 by Bill

I’ve been wanting to get a French press for a long time. This was worth the wait. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. Makes a great cup of coffee.

The Best Press

3/16/21 by Jamie

We were struggling with the basic French Press. With a septic system and no garbage disposal, it was a constant battle not to get a sink full of coffee grinds. This really is an easy clean French Press. All of the grinds stay in between the two pieces and all of them end up in the trash where they belong. I can't recommend this French Press enough. Seriously, get one!

Clean-up is a Breeze

3/3/21 by Amanda

This product does what it says it is suppose to do. Clean-up is a breeze. No more coffee grounds all over the place. I am so happy I bought it. I recommend it.

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