This unique coffee and tea press has the revolutionary GROUNDSAWAY TWO filter system

The only Coffee and Tea Press that captures the grounds for easy removal 

Degono is different!


This unique coffee and tea press has a revolutionary GROUNDSAWAY TWO filter system.


When the coffee or tea is brewed you push the filter down just like any other press - BUT the Degono squeezes and locks the grounds in between TWO filters so they can be removed dry, leaving Degono clean.

The Problem

The Problem

Cafetieres can't separate the grounds from the liquid making them difficult to clean and recycle the grounds. 

The Solution

The Degono traps the grounds in-between the two filters leaving just liquid in the press to simply pour away.

The Solution

Degono for Coffee

Degono for Tea


Degono Ltd is a Yorkshire based company, founded by Timothy Craven. Timothy has designed and patented “The Degono” a revolutionary coffee press/ cafetiere with a unique two filter design, aiming to be an inspiration and innovation for every kitchen in the world.

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